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Пути Господни неисповедимы
In Australia Islam is spreading fastest among Aboriginal populations, which have often been decimated by alcohol abuse.(c) The Times.

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I even know a Catholic priest and theology professor who is a closet convert to Islam. )))

как ты вышел на эту статью ?)) там же вроде пароль нужон ?!
кажется он фантазёр

там же вроде пароль нужон ?!

голосом Ливанова "это же элемнтарно вертиго, у меня есть пароль" ?)))

Re: там же вроде пароль нужон ?!

мусульман типа меня пускают без пароля)

Re: там же вроде пароль нужон ?!

Вездесущий Спектат)

By the way, intellectuals seeking answers ( or asking questions) are more likely to convert to Islam. Know couple of very respected ppl, a university lecturer, a painter, a musician ( who used to be a devoted catholic), a few Phd students. )

maybe it's a fashion ?! ) kidding.. i don't know anymore .. it's all very complex and confusing

It's not confusing, if you can see a whole picture. We, ppl born in a country with a 'kind of' islamic traditions see islam under a veil of imposed on us (culturally, traditionally, socially) representations. They see it with a fresh eye. The advantage of islam is that you dont need a mediator between you and god: read koran, re-read it and make your own decision. All these institutions of islam ( mullas, mosques etc) are unnecessary.
You know one, one Russian intellectual, married to an English woman ( they both converted to Islam) was persuading me not to drink alcohol. I found it very ironic. )))

these are just exceptions... why would someone deprive him/herself of a glass of wine voluntarily ?!..
besides, what these fresh eyes saw are not really good things, are they? killing, blowing things up, decapitatings, women beatings etc :) .. i don't follow the logic of converts ... i don't know anymore.. the more i live the less i seem to know

You see, you talk about the perceptions and representations, killing, beating etc weren't advocated in Koran; it is mullas interpretation, national traditions and customs of muslim countries thaf ppl understand as a part of islam.
Don't forget, they are intellectuals. They read a book, the dont blame a book if slme stupid p get it wrong. The mosf important jihad is the jihad against your own wrongs. You wouldn't blame a car, if a driver hurted you.

Regarding alcohol, i think its negative impact is much greater than the pleasure it gives. Actually they (my acquaintances) take pleasure in intellectual rather than wordly affairs. ))

Anyway it is a big debate. ))

i do like wordly things i have to admit ) mea culpa )

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